Diversity management and governance

Огромен интерес към новата европейска докторска програма: 86 апликации от три континента. На 3.12.09 международно жури в Университа в Болоня селекционира най-добрите от най-добрите, които ще имат шанса да участват в старта на тази програма, уникална като тематика и включеност на четири престижни европейски университети.

Joint PhD Programme in Diversity Management and Governance http://www.jointdegree.eu

The three-year English-taught Joint PhD Programme in Diversity Management and Governance offers specialized interdisciplinary and comparative academic training in the study of various forms of diversity, be it ethnic, cultural, linguistic, regional, religious, social or sexual, and its management. Conflict prevention and management theories, reconstruction and reconciliation of divided societies after violent conflicts and political tensions, integration policies and the establishment of good governance throughout Europe are in focus in this Joint PhD Programme.

In the course of their studies, students will not only deepen their knowledge about theories and abstract concepts but will also be trained in the development and management of projects. Further, they will be prepared – by developing their independent, critical and reflective thinking – to provide consultancy to public and private actors and to formulate recommendations for improving public policies in different areas which might contribute to integration and a successful management of diversity.

The universities in the consortium work together with the aim to promote the mobility of PhD students in the context of a well structured and rich programme of study. The Programme provides an intercultural experience, and increases – through the ideal mix of theory and practice – the international employability of graduates.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded a jointly conferred PhD degree automatically recognized in the countries of all consortium partners.

The target group are highly motivated international students with a strong record of academic success. Graduates of master studies or equivalent from the fields of Law, Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities can be admitted to the programme. Graduates from other fields of studies can be admitted only in case the completed programme is judged to be suitable content-wise by the university for which the student applies. Regarding the general criteria for admission the regulations of the home university apply.

The universities in the consortium work together to guarantee a high quality, interdisciplinary and comparative international curriculum with regional aspects. Each university offers the possibility of specialized academic training in the field of Diversity Management and Governance.


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