Anna Krasteva – member of the Advisory Board of the Human Rights Preparedness

Human Rights Preparedness is a new initiative of the Global Campus on Human Rights to promote human rights based approach to pandemics and other crises. Each pandemic & crisis  is different, but also the latest in a long line, which means that there are lessons to be learned from the past, and preparations that can be made for the future.

Anna Krasteva is professor and member of the board of the European Regional Master in Democracy and Human rights (University of Sarajevo and University of Bologna) – member of the Global Campus of Human Rights (GCHR). The mission of GCHR – a consortium of more than 100 universities from across the world – is to promote democracy and human rights through education, regional and global cooperation.

Photo_Anna Krasteva_GCHR conference in Bangkok

The photo is from the conference of the GCHR project led by Anna Krasteva ‘Securitization and its impact on human rights and human security’ (Bangkok, 2017)


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